Welcome to A&B Aviation ME LLC

A&B Aviation ME LLC is a vibrant, adaptive and agile organization offering innovative, reliable and pragmatic aviation services to a diverse group of international clientele. Our team offers a rare combination of industry knowledge and classic consulting skills to solve client problems thoroughly, practically, and cost-effectively.

With offices in Dubai, Delhi, Moscow, and Amsterdam our network-centric operation ensures proper communication between clients and partners allowing for a shared situational awareness at all times. This enables collaboration, self-synchronization and enhances sustainability and speed of implementation, directly increasing the reliability and effectiveness of our services.

Company Profile

A&B Aviation ME LLC is committed to providing our customers with most cost effective and complete on demand aviation services. Our customers will be treated fairly and respectfully; we understand the importance of satisfying a customer.

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Air Cargo Charters

We provide chartered aircraft solutions, tailored to your specific cargo transport needs. Anywhere and anytime, worldwide. We understand the value and importance of air cargo charters in today´s global supply chains.

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Pax/Medevac Charter

Our roster of passenger charters consists of corporate events, holiday charters, high-security VIP charters, as well as highly specialized Medevac charters that cater to in-flight medical needs.

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Flight Support Services

International Flight Support

A&B Aviation ME LLC provides flight support services to operators across India, Asia, Asia-Pac, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and CIS.

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